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4Site Associates has secured a group licence agreement with Chemwatch for the delivery of their chemicals management solution “GoldFFx” for CEBA member schools and other organisations in the Catholic sector.


Individual schools/organisations who take up the Corporate ‘GoldFFx’ Licence will only pay a fee of $442 ex GST for the annual licence, including a common licence administration levy. This price delivers an annual saving of $1,228 per entity compared to the stand-alone licence fee.


Chemwatch ‘GoldFFx’

Key aspects of the Chemwatch ‘GoldFFx’ product:

  • A tailored chemicals safety system for Materials Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)
  • Covers all chemicals and hazardous materials in school science labs, cleaners stores, maintenance areas, vehicles and equipment used for gardens and grounds maintenance
  • Compliant with national health, safety and workplace standards
  • Hosted in the cloud with alert updates for live tracking of regulatory changes
  • Creates risk and hazard assessments almost immediately
  • Online user friendly interface produces labelling, chemical tracking and reporting
  • Extra services include safety training, site audits and manifest creation tools




Group Licence Plan Benefits

Benefits to schools/organisations that join the Group Licence Plan:

  • Access to a huge data base collection of MSDS which exceeds 20 million library items and a chemicals repository drawn from worldwide sources
  • Significant cost savings for individual users who register under the group ‘GoldFFx’ plan
  • A common annual renewal date for subscriptions on  1st  October for all subscribers
  • Discounted pricing for accredited courses including ‘Basic Chemical Safety Rules’

How to access the Group Licence Plan

  • Download the application form to join the 4Site Chemwatch group plan for the ‘GoldFFx’ product.
  • Scan and email the form to 4Site at
  • Your school/organisation receives from Chemwatch the full product benefits including training guides, cloud share data, passwords and logon information to build and maintain the school MSDS for occupational health and safety compliance.
  • 4Site issues your school/organisation an invoice for the annual subscription levy.

Download Application Form


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