Software packages to monitor and manage risks

Compliance & Risk Management / Software packages to monitor and manage risks

Many schools that are yet to introduce a Risk or Compliance management solution are now recognising the need to do so. The requirements of the new Risk Management Standard ISO 31000: 2009, and the school’s increasing risks and liability exposures, are driving this change.

Those who have a risk management or compliance register increasingly recognise its importance for their school, however many would readily acknowledge that simply having a register is no longer good enough.

The lack of having in-house available expertise, tools and efficient and effective processes can continue to be a major challenge. Also with the day-to-day operating pressures, it is hard for management to address their risks and compliance obligations as they would wish.

This means having the right software platform is even more critical. With our software we will provide both enhanced visibility and greater transparency for boards, senior management and staff.



The implementation of our software has been developed to ensure your school is fully compliant with ISO 31000: 2009,and will assist you to make processes more efficient and data more visible to board and management, as risk and compliance requirements becomes more sophisticated.





Increase the impact of risk and compliance management initiatives by learning about more effective and efficient processes and practices using 4Site’s highly experienced team of consultants


4Site’s personnel can meet workload demands with good knowledge of your risk and compliance requirements and solutions to help in the use of the software.


4Site’s training programs are designed to impart the right knowledge to identified key people in your school.
With 4Site you will be able to have more time to focus on evaluating the top risks and gain greater confidence that your risk management practices are working well.

Tailored Solutions

Through the use of a combination of implementation, consulting, support and training services, 4Site’s offering is tailored to ensure your school’s risk management and compliance immediate needs are met today.


Compliance & Risk Management

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