Energy & Sustainability

4Site provides energy management solutions in schools to reduce energy consumption and create opportunities for energy generation and self sufficiency.

Sustainable Energy Management Program for Schools

4Site has partnered with CSR Bradford Energy and ASCA (4,000 member schools) to develop an energy management program for schools. Our program is unique in that it not only reduces a school’s energy use but it also provides the following additional benefits:

  • Achieves a Cash Flow Positive funding outcome early in the program;
  • Contribute to existing or desired Curricular Content to drive Educational Outcomes
  • Minimum 10 year warranties
  • Loan facilities available for up to 15 years subject to finance approval

This program was developed in partnership with CSR and ASCA when 4Site recognised there was strong interest by School Principals to reduce their school’s carbon output and improve their Green Star rating.


With both CSR and ASCA’s endorsement, a school can be assured that the energy reduction program will continue to reduce their power consumption and bills by at least 40% for the long term.


Solar Installation Warranties

  • Manufacturer and installation warranties extended to (minimum) 10 years;
  • Solar module performance warranties underwritten to 25 years;
  • In-built maintenance notifications system to ensure ongoing system performance and immediate rectification capability.

Lighting Warranties

  • 10 year warranty wrap, including:
    • 10 year product warranty;
    • 10 year installation warranty; and
  • 2 year performance check with remove/replace program for under-performing lights.

Funding Model

After an initial meeting, tour of the school’s buildings and receipt of 12 months of energy bills, 4Site and CSR will develop a cash flow model to demonstrate how energy savings can alleviate (or exceed) proposed loan repayment schedules within the first two to three years. This has been made possible by the strength of the CSR brand which has given banks and lending institutions confidence to offer up to 15 year loan terms subject to finance approval.


At the initial meeting we will also discuss what outcomes you would like for your school’s curriculum program and level of involvement for your students. We will provide “In-school” support including:

  • Presentations and educational material provision for key school/class/year events;
  • Attendance at Fete’s/Expo’s/Career Day/Orientation Days;
  • Sample products for in-class display;
  • Join a broader community of schools participating in information exchange:
  • Energy reduction competitions across sectors/regions/states;
  • Information exchange regarding technology performance in different climates and conditions;
  • Mutual development opportunities between schools (an energy communication community).


St Columba’s College


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