Finance & Sponsorship

4Site consults with and manages fundraising and sponsorship for schools and professional associations in the education sector.

Financial management for schools

Financial operation reviews

You think your school’s net operating margin isn’t as good as it should be? Let 4Site review your financial operations and make recommendations for improved efficiencies or increased income.

We do this by benchmarking your results compared with other schools with similar socio economic status and size, reviewing your supplier contracts, staffing levels in the teaching and operational areas, analysing your fee levels and collection rate, and investigating whether there may be philanthropic, alumni or government grants available. Other areas we can make recommendations on are reporting produres, statutory returns, banking tenders, work preactises, current capabilities of your finance team, and more.

If you need to find someone for your Finance or Risk Management Committees, then it would be worth your while to discuss this with 4Site as we have been on many School Boards and committees and have the experience to add value to your school.

Review & Recommendations

  • Supplier Contracts
  • Staffing levels in the teaching and operational areas
  • Analysing your fee levels and collection rate
  • Investigating whether there may be philanthropic, alumni or government grants available

Other Recommendations

  • Reporting procedures
  • Statutory returns
  • Banking tenders
  • Work practises and current capabilities within the Finance Team
  • The adequacy of the existing processes and procedures
  • Board, Finance and Risk Committee Vacancies

Building programs and long term planning

Your school needs to undertake a large capital project, but you are not sure whether you have sufficient funds or borrowing capacity. We have the experience to assist you with the project from conception to completion. This includes developing long term cash flow plans, interviewing and recommending architects, and management of the building logistics.

Fundraising 4 Schools

Your school has many ways of increasing its income through business sponsorships. It is just a matter of knowing where and how to look.

4Site provides a simple and effective service to overcome many of the problems associated with fundraising. We provide a consultation to establish how we may help your school achieve the aims of the school improvement plan, the precise funding streams that are available to accomplish those aims and how those funding streams can be attained.


4Site has the expertise to put together sponsorship packages to attract the right businesses to help fund much needed resources for your school. We will develop sponsorship packages, identify businesses, write to these businesses, draft agreements and manage the outcomes.

This can also be done for school conferences you are involved with, where you need sponsorships to help fund the conference costs.

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